Hindostan shrugs these thugs 

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It was considered to be the biggest Bollywood offer this year, the whole industry was expecting a lot from this movie, and why not? Thugs of Hindostan has brought two stalwarts of Bollywood together – Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan. Add the the much-praised Dangal famed Fatima Sana Sheikh and beautiful Katrina Kaif to the mix with the direction of Dhoom 3’s Vijay Krishna Acharya helming the show, the movie was a sure shot hit. It’s also been touted as the most expensive film by Yashraj banner. No doubt, it broke opening day records at the box office, but that was it. As soon as the reviews came out and bad word of mouth about the movie spread, this Aamir Khan-starrer nosedived like none other film before.

After collecting a humongous Rs 52.25 crore on day 1 (Thursday), ToH witnessed almost 50 per cent drop in its collections and earned merely Rs 28 crore (approximately) on day 2 (Friday). On day 3 (Saturday), the movie’s collection declined further and collected Rs 23 crore (approximately). on fourth day, it further witnessed 24.18 per cent decline in its collections and earned Rs 17.25 crore taking its total box office collections to Rs 123 crore at the domestic market. On day 5 (Monday), Aamir Khan’s movie business plunged steeply downwards into a crash and managed to earn merely Rs 7 crore (approximately) at the box office. According to reports, morning shows of the film were cancelled because of empty theatres in some parts of the country.

Produced with an estimated budget of Rs 300 crore, the lifetime business of Thugs Of Hindostan may wrap under Rs 150 crore which will make the film producers cry a river. The movie was released in 5000 screens across India and 2000 screens overseas.

The downfall continues, Thugs of Hindostan gets weaker with each passing day. The writing is clear on the wall, (the film) will find it tough to sustain Monday onwards,” tweeted trade analyst Taran Adarsh.

Thugs of Hindostan is set in 19th-Century India with a noble guerrilla leader, played by Bachchan, and his ragtag army, led by a fierce female archer, attacking mighty English ships to avenge their lost kingdom and assassinated ruler. The 76-year-old Bachchan plays the role of the elder general, leading and mentoring his army. Khan plays a cocky robber with shifting loyalties. His duplicitous schemes include robbing local maharajahs and milking rewards from representatives of the East India Company – which was transformed from a trading enterprise into the rulers of India – to whom he also plays informer. He infiltrates the gang of rebels led by Bachchan and wins their confidence. However, he later has a change of heart and joins them in defeating the British.

Bad word of mouth affected the film most. Twitter almost exploded with negative tweets and hilarious memes after the first day of the film. One can wrote, “China might attack on India if #ThugsOfHindostan released there.. Aamir save yourself and our great country.” Another tweet said, “The movie #ThugsOfHindostan is so bad that I purposely didn’t stand for the national anthem before the movie so that people would beat me & throw me out.” However, many Bollywood celebs tried to salvage the situation by tweeting positive reviews but the damage was done.

Khan’s Firangi was one of the most outstanding character in MrPerfectionist’s filmography. He wanted the viewers to forget Jack Sparrow and remember Firangi. Unfortunately, they would remember him but not the way Khan wished.

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