Now enjoy the beauty of Taj on a grain of rice!

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They are crisps, and we love them. But Pringles refuse to stay just that. The crisp maker has commissioned a Russian artist to create famous Asian landmarks on, wait for it, rice!

At 21,196km long, The Great Wall of China is the world’s longest man-made structure on Earth. Now Pringles, and one of the world’s leading artists, has managed to replicate the wonder on a solitary grain of rice – a version that is a mere five millimetres long.

The crisp maker commissioned Vladimir Aniskin from Russia, to create famous Asian landmarks, to celebrate the launch of its Rice Fusion range inspired by flavours of the East.

The unbelievable micro miniature pieces – that were sculpted using a microscope and a single strand of hair – include the Taj Mahal in India and the Great Wall of China.

The Taj is the pride of India, drawing tourism to the country in general and the state of Uttar Pradesh specifically.

Micro miniature art is a rare art form, with only 11 micro artists known throughout the world. These meticulously constructed tiny sculptures on individual grains of rice use specks of gold, silver and coloured dust.

The artist even trained himself to slow down his own heartbeat to complete the arduous task, as each heartbeat causes vibrations that causes the drill to fluctuate by up to 0.1mm – enough to ruin his creations.

The Pringles Rice Fusion rice art is one of a kind, each sculpture cannot be seen by the human eye, requiring a magnifying glass or a microscope to view them.

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